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      發布人:15052179967 時間:2023-11-16 來源:工程師 發布文章

      1.背景信息 Background:



      As the global fossil energy (oil and coal) is approaching exhaustion, pollution is becoming more and more serious, and the climate is warming, etc., many countries and regions around the world have successively issued regulations and policies, which have promoted the development of the PV industry.

      However, due to the large number and concentration of the PV monitoring circuits, a large number of power distribution room space is occupied.

      Acrel multi-channel energy meter has a high level of integration. A single module can monitor 48 circuits, and at the same time, it can also be matched with switch acquisition module to realize the circuit monitoring of PV system.

      2.項目信息 Project Brief:


      One PV system company in the Netherlands that provides PV systems for a wide variety of buildings.

      In the PV monitoring system of the customer, the current situation of more than 300 loops need to be monitored at the same time. These loops are centrally in the distribution room. In order to collect information more effectively, the customer chooses the product of AMC16Z-FAK48, so as to complete the monitoring of the circuit without adding cabinets.

      3.產品介紹 Product introduction

      AMC16Z系列多回路采集模塊 AMC16Z series multi-loop acquisition module

      交流 AC Networking

      直流DC Networking

      4.組網方案 Networking Solution

      交流組網方案 AC Networking Solution

      直流組網方案 DC Networking Solution

      5.安裝實例Installation sample


      1、Solutions for enterprise micro-grid system

      安科瑞 繆陽揚


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